Chief Abdullah A. Kamara of Tardi, Sierra Leone, West Africa with Dr. Art Pitz of Moline, Illinois

White Field Partners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports  transformational development and humanitarian and social justice initiatives in nations where we have viable indigenous partners. We began this work in 2008, but incorporated in September, 2012 to keep pace with expanded opportunities.

We believe that the people who are in the best position to develop and transform a community are the people who live there, the people who understand the situation and whose lives are directly affected. Our role is simply to help in whatever ways we can through relationships with leaders in those communities. This is the privilege we have been given. We honor these door-opening, way-making relationships by acknowledging  them as divine connections.

Our partnerships aren’t formal agreements or contracts. They are opportunity-driven, project-based working relationships. Some are short-term, but we expect others to be lasting. Our initial focus is Sierra Leone, West Africa where we have very dedicated and trustworthy partners.

Networks of Partners

How is it possible for a history professor from Moline, Illinois to have a relationship with a village Chief in West Africa? It’s possible because one relationship leads to another and another, and by the Grace of God, amazing things begin to happen. Amazing things usually involve multiple partners. No one person, organization, church, or business can do it all. That’s what White Field Partners is all about. We connect people, organizations, and resources to help amazing and often desperately needed things happen.

A white field is one where the harvest is already ripening. We aren’t the originators, the leaders, the directors, or the ones who do the important work. We just help with the harvest. We serve.

rice field

Chief Abdullah with farm workers in the rice field

A recent harvest experience vividly demonstrates the power of these partnerships. We are assisting with a Future Vision grant titled “Safer Water and Better Nutrition for the Lungi region of Sierra Leone” which is a formal partnership involving Moline Rotary Club, a consortium of cooperating Quad City Rotary Clubs, Rotary District 6420, Freetown Rotary Club, Rotary Foundation International, House of Hope, Living Water International, and St. Monica’s School.

In November, 2012, the biggest rice harvest Tardi village had ever seen was sitting in the field waiting to be harvested, but there was no threshing floor. Tardi had never had a big enough rice harvest to need a threshing floor. With the communication and collaboration of many people who overcame obstacles and frustrations, the threshing floor was completed, and the rice was harvested.

Chief Abdullah Kamara and Rev. Patrick Abam led the effort in Lungi, and Moline Rotary Club officers led from 4,300 miles away. In a community with very hungry children, this agriculture project is a potential game-changer if it can be sustained. That’s the power of partnerships.


Faith and Suzanne (no longer strangers)

But it all began five years earlier, with a relationship of course, just one brief email message between strangers. Prophetess Faith Conteh sent a message from an internet cafe to Suzanne Pitz in Moline, Illinois. So much has happened since then. Just imagine what can happen in five more years with lots more partners!