Dreams help us realize that the best is  yet to come. They shock us, thrill us, and generally motivate us. They don’t leave us alone. They make us unusual in a way that sometimes makes us wonder what’s wrong with us. Dreams are a gift!

Here are three of our dreams:

1. We’ve concluded written agreements with many people who cannot write their names. We knew that they were forced to trust us because they couldn’t read what was written. We dream of adults reading for the first time in their lives and having the honor of signing their own names.

cooking 2

Three-stone cooking with fuelwood

2. We’ve eaten many meals cooked with a pot on three stones with fuelwood. Although it seems charming to visitors, this cooking method is inefficient, damaging to health because of the smoke, and ecologically unsustainable. We dream of improved cooking stoves, such as inexpensive rocket stoves, being available to women in the area we serve.

3. Livestock provide food and nutrition for people, while also giving them a way to generate income to improve their livelihoods. Heifer International has an outstanding model for use of livestock in poverty reduction. Unfortunately, Heifer does not work in Sierra Leone. We dream of using livestock in conjunction with the Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools that are a centerpiece of Hope Innovation Farms. The “pay it forward” model that Heifer has developed, multiplies investments and has long-term impact. The pinnacle of this dream is an Extension and Animal Husbandry Center in Lungi under the direction of the University of Makeni Agriculture and Food Science faculty.