In a nation like Sierra Leone that scores low on the UNDP Human Development Index, there are so many possibilities that it’s hard to know where to start. Although we plan to act strategically,  sometimes amazing things happen just because we’re in the story. That’s not surprising because relationships develop and partnerships grow as stories unfold. It’s in the chapters of the story that priorities emerge, not as abstractions, but as fervent, sometimes gut-wrenching desires and visions.

Our Operating Values

  • When you help a child, you change a nation.
  • Sustainable agriculture and profitable small farms are the cornerstone of development in Sierra Leone.
  • Education and empowerment of girls and women are critical for ending systemic poverty.
  • The Christian Gospel works in practical, transforming ways.

Our Priority Initiatives

composting toilet

Mariatu’s Hope has installed composting toilets at schools. The compost will be used for school farms in conjunction with Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools.


Accomplishments We’re Proud Of

  • Raised funds to purchase an LS200 diesel-powered portable drilling rig in partnership with Mariatu’s Hope. New wells at schools and in villages will provide safe water access for thousands of people.
  • Lead a Rotary-Funded Future Vision agriculture and water project that improved nutrition and rehabilitated wells in Tardi and Tagrin villages.
  • Shipped sixteen large cartons of books for primary and junior secondary schools in partnership with Books for Africa.
  • Helped Tabernacle Baptist Church in Moline, Illinois establish the relationships to dig a safe water well in Batkanu. This remote village desperately needed a well, especially after a cholera epidemic. This well provides a foundation for development initiatives in Batkanu.
Karen Birdsley Memorial Hall

Karen Birdsley Memorial Hall

  • Provided funding to build Karen Birdsley Memorial Hall in the Thunderhill neighborhood of Freetown. It was built to honor our friend who loved Sierra Leone and wanted to go there. The Hall is a multi-purpose building that currently houses a church and a primary school.
  • Provided funding to start a school in the rural village of Batkanu and later repaired and expanded the school building.Facilitated a University of Iowa medical student’s internship at Rokupa Government Hospital. He was able to to take several cartons of medical supplies provided by Project C.U.R.E.
  • Facilitated a connection between Living Water International and St. Monica’s School that led to construction of a safe sanitation facility where there previously was not even a pit latrine for over 200 students.
Demonstrating correct pumping techniques at the new Batkanu well

Demonstrating correct pumping techniques at the new Batkanu well


  • Helped screen the Temne language version of “The Jesus Film” at two outdoor venues and learned firsthand the power of presenting a message in the “heart language” of the people
  • Led mission teams.
  • Provided basic provision, education, and medical care for orphaned children at House of Hope.