White Field Partners facilitates transformational development in places where there is desperate need. The definition of transformational development that we use is one Suzanne learned from Dr. Ravi Jayakaren at an Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) conference in 2011.

Transformational development is progressive, permanent, God-intended change.

We believe that lasting change that lifts individuals, communities, and even whole nations out of deprivation and dysfunction happens best when the Christian Gospel is at the heart of the relationships and the work. White Field Partners operates from a Biblical worldview.

We cannot focus on a single activity or intervention because systemic poverty results from a complex of interlocking factors with interconnected symptoms. Lack of safe and accessible water, food insecurity, illiteracy, poor sanitation, and epidemics of preventable diseases are mainstays of systemic poverty.

Rather than specializing in one or two activities to carry out in many places, White Field Partners focuses several initiatives in a small number of targeted locations. Locations are determined by the partnerships we develop and the opportunities to make a significant difference by leveraging local initiative and local resources.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all combination of activities that will fit every situation. A rural Sierra Leonean village differs dramatically from towns and cities. There are also vast differences between regions within Sierra Leone based on tribal and cultural traditions and practices and on available natural resources. We will begin work in the border nation of Liberia in 2013 where different approaches may be required. For these reasons, the activities in which White Field Partners engages should be viewed as a toolbox of possible interventions in a variety of situations.

Any one of our activities by itself is probably doomed to be unsustainable, but we believs that the synergy between these initiatives can gradually produce lasting positive transformation.  We work through partnerships to:

The Obvious Question

“Really? Do you think you can do all of that?” 

No, but we think we can do our part. We’re already working in all of these areas. We think we can make a difference. And we think it would be wrong not to try.