“No, You Cannot Come to School”

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016

“No, You Cannot Come to School”

Her story is tragic, and it plays out all the time. “When I got pregnant, they said, ‘No, you cannot come to school.'” Not only is her future devalued, but also the future of her baby and any future children.

“Worldwide, around 16 million girls between the ages of 15-19 give birth each year. Many are forced to drop out of school after becoming pregnant. The Advancing Youth Project (AYP) in Liberia gives out-of-school youth, mostly young mothers, another opportunity to build a better life. Pregnancy is just one of the barriers young girls face when trying to get an education.” (USAID, Let Girls Learn)

Our partner, Mariatu’s Hope, is developing a plan to protect and educate pregnant girls who have been kicked out of their homes and forced out of schools. All we need is funding for a building and a small staff. It’s not that much when you think of the opportunity cost of these girls’ futures.

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