They Need an Advocate. Will You Speak Out for Them?

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016

They Need an Advocate. Will You Speak Out for Them?

The chance to make a big difference without spending a lot of time or money doesn’t come along very often. Sometimes the main thing you need to do is SPEAK UP, or in other words, ADVOCATE for someone else.

I’m asking you to advocate for someone you’ll never meet. She’s an African girl who is in danger of dropping out of school for a reason most people don’t think about. She doesn’t have a way to manage her menstrual period. So rather than face shame, she skips school. Those days add up fast, so finally she drops out. Since she’s not in school, she is vulnerable to sexual exploitation. If she becomes pregnant, she faces a life-threatening situation.

Education empowers women to make healthy decisions about their lives. If she stays in school, her future income will increase by 10% for each additional year of education. That adds up fast too. What if it were possible to help her stay in school for up to three more years for as little as $10?

IT IS POSSIBLE! Days for Girls has developed a simple feminine hygiene kit that is culturally, physically and environmentally relevant for cultures all over the world. Thousands of volunteer teams around the world are sewing these kits to change lives. Days for Girls started small, but it’s become a movement.

I’m on the Leadership Team for White Field Partners’ GAME-CHANGER initiative, and I’m helping recruit twenty-five Advocates. Would you be one of them? Here’s what Advocates do:

  1. Share the story of our Days for Girls Game-Changer initiative with people you know. We’ll provide all the tools you need.
  2. If you’re on Facebook, share all White Field Partners posts during our two-week crowdfunding campaign.
  3. Invite other people to become Advocates. Advocates can be anywhere in the world. Most Advocates will probably be women, but men can be very effective Advocates.
  4. This one is optional. Hold a fundraising event once a year. It can be as simple as inviting friends for coffee and asking them to donate the price of a cup of coffee or something more elaborate like a bake sale, taco dinner, or trivia night. We’ll provide a menu of options.
  5. Pray for fulfillment of the Days for Girls vision: “Every girl and woman in the world with ready feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene & health education by 2022.”

You probably have questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them. Email me at or call me at 309.798.7200. We’ll communicate with Advocates via a private Facebook group or text messages, so I’ll need to know which you prefer.

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